mayo 20, 2005


Banksy, uno de mis grandes artistas favoritos del neo grafitti se ha dedicado últimamente a darle un lugar al street art en los museos, incluyendo la Tate Gallery en Londres y el MOMA en Nueva York, y este mes ha engalanado el British Museum con una pieza única, que duró –como siempre– varios días antes de que los todopoderososdiosesdelartemarcadoresdetendencia curadores se dieran cuenta. Acepténlo, hay que amar al señor Banksy!!! Y aquí la nota:

"Origin of new British Museum exhibit looks a bit wobbly
By Nigel Reynolds, Arts Correspondent
(Filed: 19/05/2005)


Visitors to the British Museum unfamiliar with the date of the wheel's invention may have been puzzled by a primitive painting in the Roman Britain gallery this week, showing a caveman pushing a supermarket trolley.

The earliest recorded wheels, as every schoolboy knows, are from Mesopotamia around 5,500 years ago. Trolleys were first used in the Piggly-Wiggly Supermarket chain [really], Oklahoma City, in 1937. The bizarre exhibit, stuck to a wall with double-sided tape and labelled "Early Man Goes to Market" was, of course, a hoax.

The British Museum had fallen victim to Banksy, Britain's most notorious and inventive "art terrorist" who specialises in sticking fake objects to the walls of major galleries and museums and waiting to see how long it takes for curators to notice.

Embarrassingly for the British Museum, it may have been several days.

Banksy announced on his website at lunchtime yesterday that "Early Man", painted on a piece of rock 10in by 6in found in Peckham, had "remained in the collection [the BM] for quite some time".

He announced a treasure hunt, saying that the first person to photograph him or herself next to it would win an original Banksy painting of a shopping trolley.

Alerted, museum staff quickly found the rock in Gallery 41 at 3.45pm but admitted that they had no idea how long it had been there.

Banksy, who calls himself a graffiti artist, has pulled similar stunts to mock the art world at Tate Britain, the Natural History Museum and major galleries in New York in the last few years.

He has attempted to remain anonymous - in interviews he has said that the police have several warrants out for him - but he is believed to be Robert Banks, aged about 30, from Bristol."

En estos días la obra se encuentra en la nueva exposición de Banksy en el Outside Institute en Londres, y estará marcada en su cédula como "Prestamo del British Museum", ya que el Museo decidió quedarse con la pieza y añadirla a su colección permanente.

Si no conoces la obra de Banksy, despierta y da un paso al siglo XXI

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