mayo 25, 2007

"my person"

TV... again!

Watching Grey's Anatomy, Christina says to her fiancée: "She is 'my person'... If I murder someone she is the one I would call to help me clean up and drag the body...". I used to have "my person", but now she is so encrypted in her own life, that today, if I murder someone, I would have to clean up and drag the body all by myself. It's clear that in this point of my life no one, not even "my person" is willing to pause their own lives for a second when I need them.

... And in the scariest moment of my life, I'm still waiting for a hug! (Fuck! How am I not supposed to miss him, when he is the one that hugged me without having to ask for it?)

That's life... I guess... And I absolutely hate it!

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